How to Set Up a Data Room for M&A Due Diligence

Traditionally, companies conducting M&A due diligence shared sensitive documents with several potential buyers simultaneously via physical documents kept in a secure room that was constantly scrutinized by key individuals in the decision-making process. In an age of increasingly numerous parties interested and shorter deal timeframes, a virtual data room is an effective tool for streamlined due diligence.

When selecting a virtual data room provider, take into consideration how much storage space you’ll require and what kind of files can be uploaded. Choose a service that has a high security rating and reviews from customers and industry-specific certifications. Lastly, ensure that the software has the features you require to complete your project.

Create a clear structure for your folders that is consistent with the project that you are working on. Label each folder and file to make it easier for users to navigate and find the information they require. If you have multiple documents related to the same topic, organize them into subfolders to allow users to quickly access all relevant information without having to search for a vast amount of information.

Make sure that users have an enjoyable experience by providing an easy user interface and efficient collaboration tools. This will ensure that potential partners are not exhausted through due diligence and can more quickly close an agreement. Also, make sure to provide comprehensive technical support in the event of issues with your platform or should an individual require assistance while on the move.

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